As 2009 comes to a close and the New Year ready to dawn, it’s
customary to reflect on the year’s experiences- both the good and the bad – and
then make some resolutions for the upcoming year. Having recently read a book
on applying the practices of Feng Shui  (pronounced
Fung-shway), to increase abundance in one’s life, I decided that my first resolution
would be putting some of the principles
outlined in that book into practice (if you’d like to read Wikipedia’s definition
of Feng Shui click here). As many a busy person can testify it’s very easy to
accumulate stuff that you intend to deal with later and after a while, you don’t
even see it. Upon standing back and looking at the stacks of papers, boxes and "stuff"
piled up in my office I realized that my build-up of clutter was breaking  one
of the most basic laws of Feng Shui (clutter blocks the flow of auspicious energy
and in basic terms, if energy gets stuck, nothing new can come in). Soooo, I’ve
been very busy today, getting rid of junk, sorting through piles of paper, recycling
and generally clearing and beautifying my work space. As a result, I feel more
organized and ready to dig into some new projects next week.  I’m also going to de-clutter my house… it’s actually
quite fun once you get started.

Have fun deciding on your own resolutions for 2010 and on
behalf of all of us at Modern Dog I wish you good
health, happiness,  love and the fulfillment of all your goals.