For many of us, this stat holiday marks the beginning of summer. However you opt to spend it, I hope you have an awesome day! For me, it’s all about taking some downtime like an afternoon at the beach with my dog Penny (I’ll hopefully be able to coax her in for a swim) an evening barbeque, a glass (or two) of cold white wine and a game of bocce… nothing too exciting, just a quiet, relaxing time.

If you’ll be bringing your dog with you to some of the day’s festivities, please don’t forget that not all dogs like crowds or fireworks (my previous dog Kaya lived for 16 years and never did outgrow her fright of fireworks, she’d cower in the basement till it was over) and I’ve heard many accounts of dogs who have slipped a collar trying to escape from the perceived danger. It would be a nightmare to lose your dog in a crowd of people. 

Keep cool and have a fun and safe holiday!

Here's Penny keeping her cool!

Photo: Hans Sipma