For those of you not currently residing in the true north strong and free, you might not have realized that this past weekend was Thanksgiving for us Canucks. My day off was spent lazing around in flannel pajamas and fluffy slippers surrounded by my best fuzzy buddies. Special occasions provide me with the perfect excuse to spoil my favorite dogs even more than I usually do with healthy treats (carrots and plain turkey meat are a Lima house favorite), extra long walks and cozy naps in the normally forbidden master bed.

Although Chance and his foster brother and sister don’t have the ability to verbally express their appreciation, I have a pretty good idea of the things my little buddies are thankful for on this most delicious of holidays:

• a bed to dog ratio of 2:1,
• the hand knitted sweaters I forced them to wear all day,
• cheese,
• long autumn-evening walks,
• tennis balls,
• anything that squeaks,
• and most importantly, that Roxy is at home and okay!

A dog’s ability to take pleasure in the little things is just one more reason why we love them…and why they love us. What more could we complicated humans ask for?