There’s nothing we love more here at Modern Dog than heartwarming rescue stories, and Jack Russell-cross Juno and her owner, Hannah Willams-Roulston, have just such a story.

In November 2018, the now 1.5-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua/Dachshund mix was found abandoned in a field in Bakersfield, California. The tiny, two-week-old puppy was rescued along with her four siblings and mom, Chloe.

“It is believed that their mom gave birth to them in the field as she was likely dumped while pregnant,” says Hannah. “Chloe’s face was covered in scars and cuts when they found her because she had to fight off wildlife and protect her newborn babies.”

From Bakersfield, Chloe and her puppies were transferred to Rompin Paws Rescue in Arlington, Washington.

“Juno was the runt of the litter and she became very sick with kennel cough when they got to the rescue,” explains Hannah. “She was very underweight and small compared to her siblings and the person running the rescue had to bottle feed Juno, but she survived and is totally thriving!”

Hannah and her mom made the four-hour journey from Vancouver, British Columbia to Arlington, Washington to visit Rompin Paws Rescue, where they met Juno. She was four months old and weighed only three pounds. It was love at first sight. Hannah and her mom took the pup back home to Vancouver that same day.

“She is a totally sassy little girl, but she loves everyone, especially my mom and I. She loves all dogs and all humans and loves to dance. She travels all over with me,” says Hannah. Coincidentally, Juno’s brother, Duff, also found a forever home in Vancouver and the duo get to visit. A happy ending all around!