We're watching TV? YAAASSSSS
Minni submitted by Israel Covarrubias


A cone? Bum foot? Still loving life!
Teddy Timpson submitted by Haley Cloward


Even this outfit can't bring me down! (My friend, not so much)
Lilly & Daisy submitted by Courtney Cecil


Did someone say treats?
Dexter McGoogles submitted by Roianne Sevic


Today, by virtue of it being today, is the BEST DAY EVER!
Kenny submitted by Bob's House for Dogs fostering for: Seniors Rock Rescue


Yeah, we're chillin' at the park. (Trying to play it cool here.)
Willow submitted by Shena Tarie


So what we've got here is THE WORLD'S LARGEST TENNIS BALL! (Sorry, hard to keep my enthusiasm in check. This tennis ball is, like, HUGE!) 
Edwin Arthur Jr. Wiggle Bum submitted by Danna (note that this dog likely has the best name ever)


Have you checked this view?
Scooby submitted by Tori Little