Right about now we north-west coasters are ready to say
goodbye to the wet, grey, dreary skies of winter and embrace spring; however, Mother
Nature isn’t quite ready to dish it up… yet! That’s one of the reasons why it’s such
a delight to travel to the sunny climes of Orlando, Florida where the warm
tropical climate provides a tremendous lift in spirit. No wonder so many
conventions are held here, who wouldn’t want to attend?! This locale hosts the annual Global
Pet Show, an event that the who’s-who in the pet industry
always attend. Since so much business is done via phone or email these days,  attending Global provides us with an
opportunity to meet our pet industry friends and clients face to face (so much nicer than email!), plus we
also get a chance to welcome those new to the industry and find the latest and greatest
products to show our readers (check them out in our upcoming summer edition!). While
there I snapped some photos that I thought you’d enjoy:

Here’s Marisa of Fetch For Cool Pets (with Japanese Chin friend),  proudly displaying a copy of Modern Dog’s new spring edition:


Here’s Robin and Jason of Horgan Harness, check out their new no-pull harness in the upcoming summer edition:


Pet Mate has an amazing line of pet products,  here, their fun and colourful Fat Cat cat nip toys drew me into their booth:

From left to right are Modern Doggers Sara, Mary and me  with Ryan from Cranimals and Viva from Hot Dogs all Dressed:


New Exhibitor Teddy Tank has a line of plush toys… the body encases a fish bowl (yes, those are real fish) and the head which contains a light, when up becomes a night lite or when down, illuminates the bowl. Unique!