Melamine Sausage Dog Tray by Illustrator Lucie Sheridan

$44 Designed by illustrator Lucie Sheridan, this melamine Sausage Dog Tray is handcrafted in Sweden from sustainable, pressed Scandinavian birch. A quirky, playful addition to happy hour proceedings.

Dog Is Good Mug

$12 For the ULTIMATE dog lover. “We HAD to give the children away… Mr. Puddingstone was allergic.”

Hilarious Fake Gift Box

$8 PrankPacks hilarious fake gift box conceals the real gift you’ve put inside. Worth the $8: the recipient’s feigned enthusiasm for the miniature snow shovels for their dog’s paws. (The foot mops aren’t actually a bad idea.)

Seasonal Belly Bands

$64 Never again fear visiting with your dog in tow. A four pack of from Oscar Newman keeps your male dog’s accidents or marking habits under control. Perfect for providing peace of mind, particularly when visiting.

The Original Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman

$18 Discover the ancient wisdom of the Major and Minor Barkana. Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking? Ask Divine the Canine Mind! The Original Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman comes with a fortune-telling deck and book for illuminating fun and fortunes all around.

Mandarina’s Linen Flats

$146 Where we’re concerned, this season’s must-have shoes are Mandarina’s Dachshund or Dalmatian-printed linen flats. We want a pair of each. mandarinashoes.

Paint-by-Numbers Kit

$50 Paint your own masterpiece. With a paint-by-numbers kit, the process is fun—just submit a colour photo and await a custom kit containing paints and a detailed paint-by-number outline. Rex’s likeness (noble head, silly grin) can now be captured for all posterity by none other than your very own self.

Canine Silhouette Toaster

$35 What better way to start your morning than with a happy little canine silhouette toasted right into your morning repast! Pangea Brand’s two slice toasters, available in an array of breeds.

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