Get Naked

Get Naked Dental Sticks and Get Naked Cat Treats are going grain-free. In their mission to provide top notch natural treats to pets worldwide NPIC has reformulated their popular Get Naked treats to be entirely grain-free. SuperZoo 2016 will be the exclusive venue for distributors, retailers and press to get an up close look at the new treats. The new formulation comes along with a new, fresh look for the whole line.

The new grain-free formulation in conjunction with the new packaging design brings a breath of fresh air to the brand. Get Naked includes treats for both dogs and cats, and features several functions for each type of pet. The functions are differentiated by vibrantly colored packaging, where each function gets its own unique color. The cat side of the line includes treats that support urinary health, aid in weight management, support the special needs of kittens, and ease furball-related issues. The dog side of the line includes treat with similar functions plus products that support joint health, skin & coat health, and a super antioxidant treat that is designed to help support overall immune health.

NPIC decided last year to implement the change to grain-free in their Get Naked line. “We saw that customers were starting to prefer grain-free products for their pets,” said Dwayne Bennett, head of Product Development for NPIC, “Making Get Naked grain-free was always our goal, but changes in consumer trends made it an immediate priority.”

Get Naked grain-free products will be available for ordering in time for its debut at SuperZoo 2016. Distributors, retailers and press can come to booth #9073 and get an in-depth look at the new grain-free treats and the new packaging. You can visit for more information on the Get Naked grain-free products. You can also email

About NPIC
NPIC is a manufacturer of premium natural pet treats based in Plano, Texas. The company employs approximately 300 workers and makes all their treats at their manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas. NPIC creates a broad range of natural treats for dogs, cats and ferrets that are sold all over the world. NPIC is a leading online provider of pet care information. 

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