There is a great new pet door on the market!  Take a look at the Balcony Pets Apartment Pet Door.  It’s a lightweight ‘instant’ pet door for apartments, homes, and travelers with pets.  It goes up without tools, adjusts for sliding glass doors 76” to 96” tall, and the flap fits most small to medium size pets.  It only weighs 6 ½ pounds and is so easy to use, even a child could put it up.  It’s a ‘use it when you need it, take it out when you don’t’ kind of pet door.  Awesome!


Meet Bear- he’s really happy with his new Balcony Pets Apartment Pet Door!  Here’s the story: His human brother had a problem with bees- he is allergic to bees.  Leaving the sliding glass door open caused a trip to the emergency room after a bee bite. The Balcony Pets team made a special pet door for Bear and now everyone is happy!  These lightweight ‘instant’ pet doors are so easy to use- no tools are required and they adjust to fit sliding glass doors that are 76” to 96” tall.  Bear is having so much fun with his new pet door- you have to smile just watching this!