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Fun Fall Furballs

Stay warm and fuzzy with a gallery of our furry friends

By: Erica Browne Grivas

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Photo Credit: Fayzulin Sergey/


We’re guessing Bull Terrier Monroe is saying, "I love leaves! I’m chewing on one in this photo!"

Murphy Joe

English Mastiff Murphy Joe is so inspired by his first time out in the leaves he attempts to talk.


"Hey guys, just checking in on the new calf!," exclaims sweet farm dog Dixie, and Australian Shepherd.


"Hurray, hurray, it’s fall today!," says sweet lady Lenore, a Lab/Chow mix who was abandoned in a Walmart parking lot but is now clearly living the good life.


Blue-eyed baby American Pit Bull Terrier Jackson is just a little bit wary of the wild world on his first day out.


"Ain’t nobody gonna take my pumpkins," says Clyde the Wonder Dog.


"I’m the queen of the castle!," say Miniature Dachshund Deeds, aka Miss Dee Dees.


Cutie pie Chihuahua Ferdinand looks serious because he’s gone undercover, camouflaged with the leaves!


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By: Erica Browne Grivas
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