Fruitables® increases size of Skinny Minis® line by 66%, with mouthwatering, meaty flavors on trend with pet parents.

Fruitables Pet Food has introduced two new varieties of Skinny Minis® Chewy Dog Treats, bringing the total number of flavors to five (5).  According to David DeLorenzo, President of Fruitables® parent, Vetscience LLC, “ the new varieties build on the success of Fruitables® Skinny Minis® Apple Bacon Flavor, which has proven to be a pet parent favorite, becoming the number one Fruitables treat just nine months after launch”.   “The newest flavors are Rotisserie Chicken and Grilled Bison, which immediately connect with pet parents and impart strong sensory images of aroma, sight and taste”, DeLorenzo said.  “We stay true to the Fruitables promise of combining nature’s healthiest fruits and vegetables with other high quality ingredients from U.S. suppliers to create a unique sensory experience for the pet and pet parent”.  The varieties include fresh packed pumpkin or sweet potato as the first ingredient, and the treats are only 3-1/2 calories each, are gluten free, and excellent for use in training all dogs.

“We’ve found that pet parents truly appreciate and seek out multiple varieties in pet treats so they can provide their pet something different when they are treating, since many pets are fed the same food diet every single day.  This freedom allows the pet parent do something special by serving different aromas, flavors and textures, and in turn it keeps the pet interested” , DeLorenzo said.  There are more than eight unique varieties of Fruitables now, with additional flavors and textures in development.

The Fruitables Skinny Minis line is available in pet specialty retailers, natural food stores and a number of on-line retail sites in the US, Canada, Mexico and select export markets.  There are approximately 100 treats in each 5 oz. pouch, with a Suggested Retail Price of $5.49.  In addition to the new varieties, the other flavors of Skinny Minis include Apple Bacon, Pumpkin & Berry (formerly Yamberry) and Pumpkin & Mango. Pet parents can find a store near them by accessing the retail store locator on the Fruitables Website at and clicking “find a store” on the home page .