We’ve been working in the pet world for years, and found it absurd that we couldn't find any natural bones we could trust completely, for our own dogs.  They're always mass produced, coming from giant mills, or worse, from overseas, where regulation can be nearly nonexistent.  We’ve had experience with farming, and know firsthand that there are amazing, top quality, responsible farms out there. Many are struggling because the world has pushed them into disgusting mills, which, by virtue, require the use of antibiotics, GMOs, and abusive techniques. 

We realized that with Peacebone, we could achieve two important things:

1. Provide our dogs (and others') with the quality bones, chews, and treats we’ve been searching for but not finding

2. Help the dying breed of farms we respect, that may also desperately need our support

Therefore, we saw it fit to assemble a team focused on bringing Peacebone to life.  

Our mission was clear:

· Find the responsible farm candidates

· Ensure their responsibility by visiting, and having them pass our tests:

· Non-GMO, No use of Antibiotics nor chemicals of any kind

· Grass fed, free range, well cared for animals

· Employing sustainable farming techniques

Peacebone’s Worldview

We believe that, like people, active dogs are healthy dogs.  We are avid hikers, campers, and all around outdoorsy people.  We aim to connect with our fellow nature enthusiasts, and believe our products are the best option for those fixated on hitting the trails happy and healthy.  Therefore, our products are developed to support this lifestyle.  Our bones are the best campsite reward possible, and our easy to pack, freeze dried Trail Treats will give your dog the protein and nutrients they need to keep going.  So deeply do we care for our environment that we include Fur seeds in EVERY order we ship, so that while you're hiking with your dog, you can plant a tree!


Come visit us today at Peacebonepet.com!