It’s always thrilling after much forethought and months of work to see a new issue hit the newsstands. From ideas and concepts it gradually takes shape, first in digital format and then on paper, a tangible reality as it rolls off the printer’s production line. Read, re-read, then passed along to others to read, it’s an incredible feeling to know you’re making a positive contribution and establishing a community of people who have a common bond, that of their love for dogs. It’s therefore with love, reverence and gratitude that I thank you all for being a part of our family.

The winter issue, now on newsstands, is jam-packed with articles that focus on the deep connection we share with our dogs. It’s also our celebrity issue with articles on Rachael Ray (our cover girl), Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston. Along with award winning editorial, training/health/personal advice plus tons of great holiday gift giving ideas (check out the holiday gift guide), it’s an issue you won’t want to miss.

And I’ve got a gift for you! For $5 you can buy a gift subscription for the dog lover on your list when you purchase (or renew) a subscription for yourself. 
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Rachael Ray