Target’s Made to Matter brands show that running businesses like dogs isn’t such a bad thing.

Freshpet, the revolutionary company making fresh dog and cat food nationwide, is excited to announce the launch of its “Gone to the Dogs” campaign. We’ve heard many times that businesses in America are ‘going to the dogs,’ but Freshpet doesn’t think that would be such a bad thing. Freshpet believes that that if all companies approached their businesses like dogs would, with kindness, compassion, and a bit of fun, the world would be a better place for it. That’s why Freshpet is proud to be part of Target’s Made to Matter Family, a pack of brands that have already ‘gone to the dogs’.

Made to Matter is a collection of innovative brands dedicated to making better options that are also better for our planet. Freshpet joined Made to Matter in 2015, and created the “To the Dogs” campaign to honor all Made to Matter teammates. The video shows how these companies are mirroring the finest qualities of our four-legged friends: by working their tails off, but still making time for life’s simple pleasures. By never giving up and achieving the impossible, and by recognizing that great things come in all shapes and sizes. You can watch the full video on YouTube by following this link: Gone to the Dogs by Freshpet.

"Freshpet is proud to honor the Made to Matter team for the truly outstanding ways it does business, in a way that felt natural to Freshpet. Each brand is a leader in innovation and sustainability, and we’re humbled to be part of the Made to Matter family”, says Scott Morris, Co-Founder and President of Freshpet.

As part of the campaign, Freshpet wants to celebrate all of the lessons we can learn from our dogs. So, they’re asking: what would the workplace be like if your dog were in charge? Share your answers on or by using the hashtag #Gonetothedogs on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and Freshpet will donate $1 to Pet Partners (an organization that helps certify and train pets for therapy work). You’ll also be entered to win a Target gift card for your favorite Made to Matter items.

To learn more about Freshpet’s participation in Made to Matter, visit