At WholeWoof, we believe every dog deserves healthy, safe products. The food and toys you give your pets on a daily basis play a crucial role in their health and well-being, so we’re here with a selection of treats, toys, and clothes to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our mission is to make sure that dogs everywhere have access to stylish clothes and accessories, fun toys, and healthy food to enjoy a long and happy life.

We go the extra mile to make sure that all of our pooch-approved products are healthy—even for the most sensitive dogs. Whether you’re looking for all-natural, organic, grain-free, or gluten-free treats, we have them in-store for you. When it comes to our collection of WholeWoof toys, each one is completely chemical-free, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly. They’re also made of sustainable and biodegradable rubber, organic cotton, recycled plastics, and all-natural dyes.

Explore our store for healthy and eco-friendly essential pet supplies, or try our new exclusive WHOLEWOOF DOG TREATS, our premium GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE dog treats are handmade and baked in small batches using only ALL NATURAL, LOCALLY SOURCED, HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS.