BOLI MUNICH is a new German brand with an innovative approach serving the worldwide loving dog owner community with an ultra-cool and functional softshell jacket. For men and women.

The founders, Sissi Janbelli and Sebastian Ewerszumrode sought to create an innovative, helpful and fashionable jacket for the active dog owner. Their creation, a three season softshell jacket, has a practical and cool design that contains more than 15 pockets and features. Special pockets like for treats, toys, waste bags, smartphone and holders for the leash, ball launcher, drink etc. are placed and processed in a very unostentatious style and are easy to access. The jacket comes in a modern cut and the latest colors, providing a good look even without the dog.

When they got their first dog, fashion designer Sissi and business head Sebastian had searched vainly for a convenient and practical jacket which has a modern look as well. It should suit all the needs of a long walk with the dog or some playing time in the park. Most of the things you need do not really fit in a casual jacket. “There are a few jackets with extra pockets, but they have either too few pockets for all the stuff or they look like the 90s”, Sissi says and adds:” Obviously you can and will wear BOLI MUNICH even without your dog!”

The smart jacket contains more than 15 pockets and features for leash, treats, whistle, waste bags, water bottle, toys. The dog’s owner finds room for its (his/her) smartphone, earphones, flashlight, snacks, sunglasses, drink, keys, wallet etc.

“It is a classic problem-solution-thing. If you don’t find what you need, do it yourself. And we figured out that we are not alone with this dilemma. With the crowdfunding campaign we hope to jump off with the production in a much larger quantity. To bring more color and fashion in this obsolete market if you can call it a market at all”, Sebastian says. Though the inner European production reflects the high standard and quality, BOLI MUNICH’s main market is the North American continent.
Softshell material can be worn from fall to spring and is wind- and water resisted. The brand name consists of their dog’s name Boli and the residence Munich.

You can either pre-order on Kickstarter or via email on Prices are currently highly discounted.