This week marked many a milestone in our house. Tuesday, May 31st was Chance’s 10th birthday and in celebration of his special day we forced Chance to wear an embarrassing and irrelevant hat while we sang happy birthday.

This week also marked another significant date – the one year anniversary from when we became Chance’s foster family. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been one year since I was captivated by the photo that catapulted out lives into a sometimes hilarious, often frustrating whirlwind of incontinence, random attacks, stolen socks, spilled blood, fights, health dilemmas, snuggling, and a plethora of other events. Over the past year, I’ve recounted Chance’s time with us and have loved hearing all the feedback from you, the "Mongolian Monster" groupies. You’ve shared in the ups and downs and have helped us in our struggles with your advice, funny stories, and well wishes.

After a year with Chance as a member of our pack, it seems odd to continue to refer to this blog as "A foster story," since it has now developed into a forever story. As long as the folks at SAINTS are cool with it, Chance will live out the rest of his ornery days with Jeremy, Roxy, Cash, and myself, whether he likes it or not. So this marks the end of this chapter, and the end of this blog. Don’t fret, as the end of this story marks the beginning of another. Although this will be my last post in this blog, starting next week we’ll be launching a new blog that will chronicle my everyday life living with three dogs, as well cover dog-related events, stories, products – in short, anything that encompasses my personal motto of "if it barks, I like it." I hope that you’ll all follow my new blog to keep up with of all the current happenings in the canine kingdom as well as with Chance and my other delinquents. Until next time, everyone, Bark On.