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Esther’s Photos

A day in the life of Esther, a Modern Dog.

By: Melissa Barr

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The Journey Begins

Leaving Jennifer’s office, home of her comfy bed, Esther, our noble heroine, nearly has a tragic run-in with a table leg. Luckily, she serves last minute, and continues on her journey.

Wandering Towards Freedom

Esther slips through our lobby, glances longingly at the front door, but alas, it’s closed, and freedom is further away than she suspected.

Stocking Up Supplies

Unwilling to be discouraged, Esther turns towards the kitchen to restock nourishment and supplies for her eventual escape.

Someone’s at the Table!

But hark! Someone has taken a seat at the lunch table! And every good dog knows that lunch=food! Esther hustles as fast as her little legs can take her!

Is that a Face?

That could be our Subscription Friend, Celine… But don’t quote me.

Suspicious Bottles in the Distance

Rummaging for further sustenence, Esther sees some bottles in the distance… Mysterious bottles.

Lifetime Supply of Apple Juice

Apple juice. Esther is less interested in that, mostly because the owner of this sleek and stylish boot may possibly be opening a delicious can of tuna… Hopefully..

Weakening From Hunger, Our Heroine Returns to Rummage for Food

Hmm. Alas, no tuna seems to be forthcoming.

Bottles Bottles Everywhere, and Not a Bite to Eat

Discouraged, Esther turns back to those bottles, bored and listless.

Into the Dark Depths of the Bathroom

After losing the owner of the boots to the gaping and incomprehensible world of the bathroom, Esther sighs and nearly lets go of her dream of going outside…

The Minor Detour

Esther wanders, distracted, and peeks under the cupboard.

OMG Someone at the Table

Food begging is kind of an art.

Our Heroine Begs for Nourishment

Esther is very good begging.

…and Again…

But it doesn’t seem effective today.

…and Again…

But hark! Esther’s fortunes are changing!

…and Once More…

Is that a walk she hears in the distance? To the door!

Wait! The Plot Thickens!

Go go go!

To the Door!




Sunshine! Fresh air!

Esther leads the way, as usual, while walking with her sister Rose.

Walking Time!

It’s a gorgeous day out!

Faster, Faster

Legs. And a blur. Esther is in a hurry.

Esther Loves Walks

Esther makes sure her people are keeping up.

Our Heroine’s Stubby Legs Begin to Tire

That’s Rose, Esther’s sweet sister.


This aristocratic patch of grass catches Esther’s attention every day.

Whew. Mission Accomplished

Powerlines! Waiting patiently for Rose.

Home Again, Home Again

Our intrepid photographer heads back to the office.

Meet the Photographer

Esther is a miniature Dachshund who takes her naps in the corner of MD’s Creative Director’s office. When not brushing up on her photography skills, she enjoys acing IQ tests, begging treats off unsuspecting editorial assistants, and patrolling the neighbourhood. Oh, and definitely napping.

Next, our fearless photographer prepares to seek inspiration farther afield– the dog park, perhaps?


Last Updated:

By: Melissa Barr
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