The Complete Medical and Integrative Guide to Treating Pain

If your dog is in pain, you would do just about anything to help—but you don’t always know what to do. In this definitive guide, animal pain specialist Dr. Mike Petty offers a complete, practical manual with everything a dog owner needs to know to mange and treat canine pain.    

How do you know if your dog is hurting? It might not be obvious. Minor changes in behavior can be the only clue as to what’s really going on. Whether your dog suffers from muscle pain, arthritis, or the disabilities of aging, Dr. Petty will help you navigate the options available, from traditional medicine to alternative options like acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and rehab therapy. With this knowledge, you can be your pet’s best advocate at the vet’s office.

This book also offers a practical guidance on managing your pet’s symptoms. Small adjustments—elevated food bowls, a better diet, or skid-proof socks—can help an ailing dog live more comfortably. For some dogs, stretches, exercises and even massage can help improve muscle function; an illustrated guide to these techniques will empower any dog owner to take hands-on measures to help their pet live better every day.

Anyone with an ailing or aging dog will appreciate the wisdom and support of Dr. Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs.

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