Oh, I am just too witty.   Go on with my bad self. Dogs hate fleas.  So do we,  but what’s a blog without a teaser title? Just a blog (just like this).

 There is one type of flea that most everyone loves and that’s a flea market. Today, I headed out to the Brimfield antique show. It’s one of the biggest markets in the US  and a toal must-do for any lover of vintage, industrial, repurposed, reclaimed, upcycled, eco-friendly or full of lead hazardous items!   It’s a must for everyone.

Brimfield runs three times per season in May, July and September. It’s a 5 day event each time.  There over over 5000 dealers at the show! It stretches a mile long on both sides of the road (and about 1/4 mile deep on each side!). It’s massive!

There are always fun dog themed items, but even better, lots of dogs to distract me from over purchasing! I must say, all dogs were very well behaved. It’s always so great to see that front clasp harnesses have really caught on too! My favorite is the Sense-ation harness by Softouchconcepts. I saw at least 10 dogs wearing a front clasp harness throughout the day yesterday.

If you are not familiar, front clasp harnesses were developed specifically to enable better physical control of a dog’s body and discourage pulling. They are a non-aversive training tool, and a great aid in the pulling dilemma. Humane trainers love them!

Here are some of the dog friends I met and talked to along the way.

The first few I met weren’t very talkative. I noticed this guy’s soft, simple eyes and his birthdate was 1975.  Dog ownership and mania has increased over the years. This piece reminded me though – people have always commissioned portraits, sketches and paintings.  It’s not new (and certainly wasn’t new to the 70s). Dogs have always been worthy of immortalizing. Cloning is the modern dog owner’s option.

These guys didn’t answer me when I asked if they were related. They continued their blank stare when asked how they felt about being referred to as Boston Terrorists instead of  Terriers. I started thinking they looked a bit on guard, and potentially had something to do with that flying pig’s demise. Could Tweety Bird  have played a role in this as well?

This guy was breaking the rules. There’s always one in the crowd, right? He was off-leash. I just we can cut him some slack given that he was working. He didn’t have much time to talk to me as he was brokering a deal between his owner and a haggler looking for a steal. Score:  Dog 1 – Haggler 0.

 This tre magnifique trio of Westies were gossiping about the Brimfield afterhours. Apparently, everyone selling at the show spends the evenings together camping, gathering, cooking and celebrating their day’s sales. These girls had all the scoop, and were a bit tired from the previous night’s festivities.


Last but not least, I had the pleasure of meeting this very proud strollin’ Pomeranian. He’s quite the distinguished gentlemen. His parents had a packed a cooler and blanket for him. He is 13 years young and was rescued from a shelter. He asked me to take his photo this second time. The first time around he didn’t feel he had his chin held proudly. I think he nailed it in this one!


All and all we enjoyed our outing. The dogs of Far Far Acres will just love the water fountain we scored for them too!  

Check out www.brimfield.com to get your vintage dog fix!

If you have a pulling dog, check out www.softouchconcepts.com

Warm wags!