Internationally acclaimed, LA-based animal photographer Grace Chon’s new photo series, Healer, is a balm for these anxiety-ridden times. In it, gorgeously shot, individual photos of dogs are paired with an invitation to pause for a moment and open yourself to the perceived message from the soulful-eyed pups pictured. To spend a moment with these heart-centering photos feels like taking your first deep breath of the day.

“It’s an opportunity to fully open your heart and receive each dog’s unique and powerful healing energy,” explains Chon. “I invite you to take a moment and sit with each dog and experience the love they want to share with you.”

“Open yourself up to their wisdom and messages,” she continues. “Trust your experience. Allow yourself to receive their gifts of support, acceptance, and unconditional love.”

People have been posting their responses to the images—how the dogs pictured made them feel—and Grace then shares a selection in slides. The responses are heart lifting: “Everything will be okay!” reads one. “Eat all the cookies,” another.

“This work is so deeply meaningful to me and is an expression of everything I’ve learned from dogs in my 13 years of working with them,” says Chon. “It’s been a work in progress since 2019 and I truly cannot wait to share this work with all of you. They are the medicine we need right now.”

Find Chon, along with more of the Healer series, on Instagram: @thegracechon.