With the current state of the economy seeing job lay-offs and families being foreclosed out of their homes, it’s also responsible for growing numbers of pets being surrendered to animal shelters. Facing overcrowded facilities and shrinking donations, animal shelters and rescue organizations are finding their resources stretched to the limit. If there were ever a good time to donate to your local animal shelter, now would be it. Unfortunately, it’s been proven that people are less inclined to donate during tough economic times; however, I just learned of a way you can help without it costing you a penny.

This past Wednesday Dogpile.com launched its Search & Rescue program to raise money for the ASPCA, donating a portion of revenues from searches on its Dogpile.com web site. Their goal is to raise $1 million by the end of 2009. If you’re interested in helping them raise money simply go to www.dogpile.com and download the free Search & Rescue toolbar. Then, start searching. Every search will assist in raising money for animals in need. Now that’s something to bark about!