Doghook has reinvented the dog leash hitch, and the result is solid and stylish. Dog people know that securing their pet safely while they are out and about is difficult. We started fresh by designing products that are perfectly suited for a dog friendly cafe, outside a convenience store, or at a veterinarians office.

A Doghook can be mounted on any wall, fence, or sturdy vertical surface with the included fastener kit. Our products provide pet owners a way to leash their pets safely and easily in almost any location. Heavy duty stainless steel construction and a variety of styles and finishes make Doghooks perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Pet care professionals will find Doghooks useful in waiting rooms, at check in, and in exam or work areas. They are also useful in mud rooms and foyers where dog owners suit up their dogs before and after walks. A Doghook is useful in any location that leashed dogs are often present. is now manufacturing four types of dog leash hitch-hooks for business and home use. All products are made in the USA from heavy gauge stainless steel and come with security fastener mounting kits. Prices start at $24.