Dog owners know how difficult and dangerous it can be to take your dog out for the afternoon.  We walk our dogs right past the local coffee shop, convenience store and cafe because our pets are not welcome inside.  We have all seen dogs tied precariously to street signs, bicycle racks, and plastic patio chairs while their owners do what they need to do.   

Doghook founders saw this as a call to action and they have designed the perfect dog hitch for every location.  Their heavy duty “Doghooks” are made from stainless steel so they can be used inside or out.  The included hardware kits are robust, easy to install, and theft deterrent.

“We set out to make a product that was simple, strong, and attractive.  Doghooks are perfect for a dog shelter,  outside an ice cream shop or at a hip wine bar.  The best part is that we are keeping dogs safe and making our own lives easier in the process.”

All Doghook products are made in the USA and prices start at just $24.  Fastener kits for wood, concrete, metal or composite surfaces are included. 

Please visit to see our current selection of styles and finishes.