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Doggone Smart Apps

15 great iPhone apps for dog lovers

By: Karin Maxey

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1. Dog Toy Free
Simple yet amusing, this app has just one
function: shake your phone and it will emit
a compelling squeaky sound to surprise
and entertain your dog (wonder if they
make a Whoopie cushion version of this?).
2. Pet Dossier: A Lifestyle Information
Organizer $1.99

Keep a digital copy of your pet’s dossier in
your pocket. Organize vet and grooming
appointments, keep track of medications,
dietary requirements, store photos, and
more, for multiple pets. Plus, 25 percent
from each sale goes to the ASPCA.
3. Dogs Playing Poker $1.99
If you love dogs and poker, this is the app
for you. Watch the Texas Hold’em tutorial
before playing against 18 dogs (plus one
fox and a walrus). Pet the dogs, learn their
personalities and “tells,” keep score, and
unlock new breeds with each tournament
win. Great practice for beginner to
intermediate players for that upcoming
weekend in Vegas.
4. Pet Acoustics $1.99
This app plays mellow music designed
especially to soothe dogs, cats, and horses.
Of the 29 songs, nine songs are specifically
for dogs, which users report help their dogs to relax and sleep. The app
includes a timer, which is great for when
you’re stepping out and want your dog
to be calm and relaxed in your absence.
5. Eukanuba’s Off Leash Free
This sweet dog-park-finding app is
currently for US users only; however,
they plan to add other countries in the
upcoming months. Great for locating
new parks in less familiar areas or when
travelling, it’s super easy to use, showing
dog parks near you and offering routes
and directions on how to get there. And
if there is a missing park, you can let
them know.
6. Modern Dog Magazine Free
Read Modern Dog on your iPhone,
iPad, or iPod Touch with the treefree
Modern Dog app. Complete
your MD library—download any
back issues you’re missing for
just $0.99 or get the new issue for
just $2.99. Hyperlinked features,
products, contests, and more make
checking out points of interest fun.
7. Pet First-Aid 3.99
This app provides concise 24/7 access
to step-by-step articles and video on
dozens of topics including bleeding,
poisoning, rescue breathing and CPR,
and more, as well as what’s normal.
Each one is bundled with an offline
access application and you can store
your pet’s medical information for
emergency visits.
8. Dog Whistle Free
We’re not all that sure this works (or
maybe our dogs are just really good at
ignoring us) but it certainly creates an
exceedingly annoying sound to guarantee
the animosity of your office mates. The
variable frequency tone generator mimics
dog whistles in 11 incredibly shrill
customizable sound patterns.
9. Screen Cleaner Free
Keep your iPhone screen “clean” with
this screen saver of a dog licking the
screen. In the free version, choose from eight dogs, or pay $0.99 for the pro
version to access more breeds. Takes a
lickin’ keeps on tickin’.
10. Dog Tricks:
Best of 101 Dog Tricks $0.99

Impress the guests at your next gathering
with your pup’s repertoire by teaching
tricks while out and about with this
app. Trainer Kyra Sundance provides
step-by-step instructions for eight
basic tricks: sit, down, crawl, roll over,
shake hands, fetch, spin circles, and
hoop jump, as well as videos, tips, and troubleshooting. Portable how-to instruction,
perfect for teaching your puppy at
the dog park.
11. Adopt Pets Free
Take your matchmaking one step further
by finding potential new BFFs for your
dog-less friends. Search more than
290,000 pets from over 13,000 shelters
and rescue groups while on the go (or at
the bar). Customize your searches, save
favourites, and instantly share adoptables
via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
12. Click Dog Free
This simple, yet addicting app
makes learning dog breeds fun.
Small circular breed images crowd
the screen and your task is to
select all the, say, Bull Terriers or
Schnauzers as quickly as you can.
Oddly fun and compelling and
every level passed presents new
13. Cover Puppy $1.99
Give your dog his 15 minutes of fame
with these funny covers (“Bone Appetite,”
“Spots Illustrated,” “Rolling Over,”
“National Barker,” “Vanity Fur”), then
instantly share from the app via email,
Facebook or Twitter. Tip: you can’t
manipulate the image within the app,
so crop anything extraneous from your
chosen image before employing it.
14. Dog Teaser Sound Box $1.99
Have some fun with your dog with
the Dog Teaser Sound Box. Surprise
and confuse your best bud by pressing
the buttons to elicit different
funny sounds designed to promote
(or would that be provoke?) your
dog’s interest. You big tease, you.
15. The Dog $0.99
This handy little app offers over 450
photos of 92 different breeds, along
with a shortlist of facts on everything
from personality and activity level to
grooming demands. Easily navigated
and searchable, you can mark favourites
and group the dogs in categories.
Great for brushing up on breed knowledge
or choosing a new best friend.

Last Updated:

By: Karin Maxey
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