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Dog Saves 18-Year-Old From Rattlesnake: “My heart just dropped”

“If it wasn’t for him I don’t know if I would have the opportunity to be here today,” recounts 18-year-old Alex Loredo

By: Becky Belzile

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Photos Courtesy of GoFundMe

Alex Loredo was just doing chores when he had the scare of his life.

The 18 year old was headed to the separate laundry room to pick up the clothes from the dryer when he heard a familiar, frightening sound. A rattlesnake lay waiting beneath a table, aiming to strike.

Just then, his dog Marley ran from inside the house and got between Alex and the snake, taking two bites to his tongue and neck. “My heart just dropped,” he told, “My first thought was, ‘Oh no, I’m going to lose my best friend.”

Photo Courtesy of GoFundMe

“Everything happened so quickly,” Loredo shares. “I was able to grab Marley and take him inside, after he was bit and there was blood everywhere and Marley just collapsed to the ground crying in pain. I panicked and took him to the nearest veterinarian which was five miles away. The clinic did not have the vaccine and had to rush to the nearest pet hospital which was 25 mins away. Marley's face started to swell up and he began to start having breathing complications. Blood also began to start pouring from his mouth. I was so scared and tried to keep my cool and think fast because time was not on our side. I was able to call ahead of time to check him in and the technician were there waiting for my best friend. This was the most horrifying moment of my life not knowing if your best friend was going to make it through.”

The hospital gave Loredo an estimate of $9000 to treat Marley, survial not guaranteed. Despite being a full time student at a community college working part time at a restaurant. Loredo gave the go ahead. "I was going to give my best friend a fighting chance," he says.

Luckily, after a two day stay at the veterinarian and a couple rounds of antivenom, Marley was able to finish his recovery at home. But he’s still not out of the woods yet—Marley requires frequent vet visits, medication, and therapy.

Loredo started a GoFundMe page to help cover the expenses of Marley’s lifesaving vet bills. To date, $12,913 has been raised. 

"I'm beyond grateful for the love and support that we have received," Loredo posted in an update on the page. "Marley is doing so much better, he still has his bite marks but the vet said the tongue is regenerative and in just a matter of time it will be completely healed. 

Loredo is relieved. "Marley means the world to me. Not only is he my best friend, he is the brave hero that saved my life from a rattle snake. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know if I would have the opportunity to be here today.”

Read more and find out what to do if your dog is bitten by a snake.


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By: Becky Belzile
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