The Modern Dog office is, of course, SUPER dog friendly, so a regular day at the office sees the canine team camped out under desks, patrolling the lunch room, and enthusiastically greeting couriers. One of the perks of the job, aside from accompanying favourite humans to the office, is the dogs get to try out A LOT of dog products, from beds, toys, and gear to food and treats (drool). In short, the office dogs know their stuff when it comes to the best dog products out there, so in this issue we’ve profiled canine staffer Gyoza and his top dog gear picks.

BIO Gyoza was rescued in the city of Yellowknife, NWT and brought to Vancouver by L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society, where he found his furever home. Gyoza is a quiet, gentle guy who never barks and lets the younger, more rambunctious dogs in the office climb all over him without batting an eye. He enjoys lying on beds that are too small for him and silently hiding under the desks of people who have gotten up to get a cup of coffee.

NAME Gyoza (named after his favourite food)

BREED Possibly a Shepherd/Collie mix of some sort, with maybe some Husky thrown in for good measure, but his actual parentage is not known.

AGE Unknown.


Gyoza's Top Dog Product Picks

Bowsers Cross Country Hammock Car Seat Cover CAR RIDES!!! Gyoza’s #1 reason for living is car rides. He loves them so much he will jump right into ANY open car door, regardless of whose vehicle it is. But his big fluffy body leaves the backseat looking… well, let’s just say it looks less than factory-new. A full coverage seat cover is essential and Bowsers’ definitely fits the bill! $109,



RC Pets Ultimate Control Harness and Beyond Control Leash It became very apparent in Gyoza’s first few days post-rescue that he was NOT accustomed to walking on a leash. Think pulling, lunging, and spinning. Other “no-pull” harnesses were put to the test, but it was RC Pets’ Ultimate Control Harness paired with the Beyond Control Leash that really saved the day. From $40,



Furbliss Pet Brush from Vetnique Labs Gyoza will tolerate getting brushed, but it’s not something he particularly looks forward to. Thankfully, the Furbliss brush provides a relaxing massage while removing all his loose fur and dander and it’s waterproof so it can be used during bath time, too! $16,



Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker Raincoat Living in the Pacific Northwest means that a good rain jacket is essential for every member of the family, especially the extra fluffy ones who will stubbornly not tolerate being blow-dried after getting caught in a downpour. The Torrential Tracker is perfect for Gyoza, and he looks amazing in yellow. From $40,



RhinoPlay Cirq Toy from goDog Being a big chewer and ripper of stuffed toys, Gyoza rarely receives a toy that lasts longer than a single day and therefore rarely receives toys at all. Surprisingly, the lightweight foam Cirq toy has lasted for months! And he still loves it! $15,



Campfire Treats Alaskan Crunch Dehydrated Cod Skins These foot-long dehydrated cod skins are Gyoza’s all-time favourite snack! He will happily sit and listen to the sound of his own crunching for hours with one of these bad boys propped up between his paws. $15,



*L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit dog rescue society serving the Vancouver, BC area. Through a committed network of foster homes, they rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home all breeds of dogs, giving each one a brand-new LEASH on life! Check out this amazing group at