Response Products™ offers great-tasting formulas designed to naturally help animals maintain healthy and active lifestyles

Continuing its commitment to animal health and wellness, Response Products™ is proud to expand its line of joint support products for dogs. All contain cetyl myristoleate, a unique health ingredient that has been shown to promote excellent joint health and function.

“There are actually very few products on the market that have cetyl myristoleate in them,” said Lyndsey Myers, Marketing Director with Response Products.  “It sets us apart from the competition, and customers tell us that their dogs are proof that our products really do perform well.”

The Advanced Cetyl® Join Action Formula for Dogs also contains a powerful combination of glucosamine-HCl and other joint health ingredients, designed to support and sustain joint health and function in dogs. The tablets, which have a meat-flavor, are designed to help provide excellent support for joint health and function.”

The Advanced Cetyl® Joint Action Formula for Large Dogscomes in a highly concentrated powder that features double the active ingredients of the advanced formula. It has a smoked bison and natural liver flavoring.

“These are excellent products for dogs who need powerful support for joint health and function,” said Myers. “The advanced formula comes in a chewable tablet that can be easily crushed, if needed. Some people worry that their dog won’t eat it, but dogs just really seem to love it!”

The Cetyl M® Regular Strength for Dog helps keep active dogs in peak condition. It’s a product that’s attractive to forward thinking owners, who want their dogs to have healthy joints and flexibility. The formula, which has a chicken flavor, also provides immune system support.

“As animal lovers, it’s important for our company to provide health and joint support products to dogs of all ages and sizes,” said Myers. “We’re very proud to have people from all over the world tell us that our products have helped their animals.”