Doghook Inc. officially announced the launch of their new Easy Clip carabiner type dog hitches. Doghook has been developing and manufacturing heavy duty dog leash hitches since 2013. Doghooks are currently used in hundreds of different home and business applications with one simple goal, keeping dogs safe.

Doghook's new "Easy Clip" canine hitch combines a heavy duty stainless steel plate linked with a specially designed carabiner. The result is a dog hitch that can be mounted to any sturdy surface that provides a secure connection with all available dog leashes.

As with all Doghooks, Easy Clips are indoor-outdoor and are made in the USA. They can be installed in a matter of minutes with simple tools and the included fastener kit. Each Doghook comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 5 year replacement warranty.

Dog owners know how difficult and dangerous it can be to take your dog out for the day. We often walk past the local coffee shop, corner store and cafd because there is not a safe and easy way to secure our pet. We have all seen dogs precariously tied to railings, patio tables, chairs, bike racks, street signs, trees etc. Doghook founders saw these dogs in harm's way and considered it a call to action. Our mission is to keep dogs safe, while making it easier for dog owners to spend time with their pets.

Veterinarians and pet professionals world-wide have embraced Doghooks. However, there remains a substantial need for attractive, well'made dog hitches in many of our daily lives. Doghook customers also include dog friendly restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, retail stores, ice cream shops, iuice bars, community and fitness centers, playgrounds, breweries, wine pubs, public restrooms and convenience stores.

Doghooks are also great for around the house; in the mud room, on the front porch, or in the garage. We strive to make a Doghook for every application.

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