As a sewing novice, I'm always looking for ways to cut corners and avoid having to stitch any DIY project. Back when we were fostering Chance, an incontinent paraplegic Pekingese, I was having to wash the dogs' bedding every day because of his accidents, so I would make him really simple, no-sew beds that required little time, skill and money! Although they aren't the prettiest pet beds, Chance always loved his, and now that Blackie Chan has made himself right at home I decided it was time to make him his own fleece bed to lounge in!

To start, I picked up some inexpensive fleece at my local fabric store. The cheapest option was $5/meter, so I grabbed two meters which would provide enough fabric to make Blackie Chan's bed as well as some extra blankets (more on that shortly).

To ensure the bed was very well stuffed, I used an old pillow that Blackie Chan had already shown an affinity for. Since this project doesn't require accuracy or skill, I simply laid the pillow out on the fabric to gauge size and cut around it, leaving about 2"-3" of fabric all around. (Remember to cut two pieces, one for the top of the bed, one for the bottom). Once I cut out my 2 squares of fleece, I began snipping 1 1/2" – 2" strips all around the perimeter of each piece. To make this easier on yourself, layer the top and bottom pieces together as pictured below to ensure the cuts are even.

Once you've cut these strips all along the perimeter of both squares, begin tying the matching 'flags' together. I would recommend tying a tight knot if you're going to launder these frequently (which I do).

Do this all the way around the entire bed, and that's it! If your 'flags' don't match up, that's okay, simply tie a loner flag to another pair. There is seriously no way you can screw this bed up!

Not the fanciest bed around, but Blackie Chan loves it! Since all of our pets sleep in our room with us, I wanted to situate his new bed near the dogs' while ensuring he has his own space. So I grabbed a vintage crate I had hanging around my living room, stuffed his new bed in there, plopped it on top of the antique steamer trunk at the foot of our bed, and voila! A vintage crate cat bed that you would usually pay $60+ for!

If you think this project is easy, wait until you see the no-sew pet blankets over at Dog-Milk using practically the same technique. I can't believe I never thought of this! With the extra fabric I had leftover, I made a fleece blanket for Roxy and Cash, as well as two blankets that I'll be donating to my local shelter for homeless pets in need. As you can see, Cash genuinely appreciates my efforts.

If you have some extra fabric lying around, or want a cheap and simple project to keep you busy this weekend, consider making some fleece beds and blankets and donating them to your local shelter. It gets cold at this time of year, and many homeless animals spend most of their time lying on cold cement floors, so a simple snuggly blankie can make all the difference in the world!