This natural spa shampoo formulation, courtesy of Lindsay Coulter, the “Queen of Green” at the David Suzuki Foundation, has natural flea-repelling properties and does not contain synthetic fragrances. 

  • ¾ cup water
  • ¼ cup unscented or scented liquid castile soap (or vegetable glycerin)
  • 1 tbsp. aloe gel
  • Optional: 5–10 drops of anti-flea essential oils like rosemary, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, spearmint, and citronella. Add a drop of each or purchase an anti-flea essential oil blend from a local health store (make sure it’s a blend made especially for dogs—not all essential oils are safe to use on pets).

Add all ingredients into an old squirt bottle and shake before each use.

After massaging into your dog’s wet coat, rinse well. Be sure to avoid the eye area.

The aloe and glycerin in this recipe can help ease sensitive, itchy and dry skin. (Shelf life: 1 month)


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