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DIY Eat: Summer Freezies—Modern Dog test kitchen approved!

7 Quick, cool freezer treats you can make for your dog in mere minutes!

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YUM! Just fill + freeze!

1. Frozen Yogurt

Buy plain or fruit-flavoured yogurt (just make sure it’s naturally sweetened and flavoured—no artificial flavours or sweeteners please!) then freeze dollops on a parchment covered cookie sheet. Or, if your dog is large, simply freeze the whole mini yogurt container! The probiotics in yogurt are great for digestion and can help with gas. Note: go slow when first feeding yogurt to your dog; like humans, some dogs are lactose intolerant.

2. Baby Food Freezie
Most dogs LOVE baby food—just make sure it doesn’t contain any onion/onion powder as onion is toxic to dogs. Freeze in mini muffin cups for a cool little treat. (If your dog is little, fill the mini muffin cup only part way.)

3. Hot Dog, Cool Bites
Cut a hot dog cross-wise into little rounds, toss in a Ziplock then freeze. These are great to bring along in a little bag for summer outings or to use as a high value training treat!

4. Frozen Liver
Cut raw, organic* beef or chicken liver into little bite-sized pieces then place on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. Once frozen, keep in the freezer in a Ziplock bag. Most dogs are crazy for liver but only give your dog a piece or two daily; organ meats should be fed sparingly.
*The liver is the body’s filtration system, meaning this is where antibiotics and hormones will concentrate, so buy organic!

5. Cottage Cheese Cooler
Choose the low-fat variety. Freeze little dollops on a parchment coated cookie sheet, or make little “pupsicles” by mixing a spoonful of cottage cheese into no-sodium chicken or beef broth then freeze in an ice cube tray. Feed sparingly until you determine how well your dog handles dairy.

6. Frozen Egg
Throw an egg—shell and all—into your blender and blend till smooth. The shell is a great source of calcium! Freeze in an ice cube tray (fill a maximum of half way; less for a smaller-sized dog). Feed just one of these little treats a day as too much raw egg is well, too much, and can hinder proper nutrient absorption.

7. Organic Chicken Broth Popsicle 
Simply freeze low-sodium (or, better yet, no sodium) chicken or beef broth in an ice cube tray and you’ve got an easy hot weather treat for your dog! Or up the fun by freezing the broth in a stuffable toy like a Kong. Plug the end with peanut butter then use a piece of tape to make extra sure the broth doesn’t leak out before it’s frozen. Have some leftover meat in the fridge? Add it to the broth to jazz it up a bit! Freezing in a Kong makes the fun last as the tasty treat inside will slowly melt as your dog licks at it. (This is obviously best served outside.)

*If your dog seems disinterested when these first come out of the freezer, just wait a minute for them to melt a little bit and the delicious flavours to come out!

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