socks (2)
toy squeaker or old toy


sewing machine or
needle & thread


1. Trim the length of a sock by cutting it just below the heel

2. Stuff the sock with batting

3. Insert a squeaker. Center in the stuffing






4. Sew the “stuff sock” into a ball or oval shape
5. …or, skip steps 2 & 3, and sew an old soft squeaky toy into the stuff sock.






6. Stuff the “stuff sock” into the other sock.






How to Play
Start by playing fetch with the stuffer. After a while, insert the stuffer into the sock. Your dog will want it out of the sock. It may seem like an impossible task at first, but we all know what a determined pup can accomplish!

Change it Up
Use different types of socks to vary the size, texture, and color. Use old toys to stuff the stuff sock. Get more creative and sew the stuffer into a shape, maybe a donut or a bone, a creature (as shown) or whatever else you can imagine.

Excerpted with permission from “Silly Dog Toys: 12 Easy Projects That Will Make Your Dog Smile” By Michael Spears, the Dog Designer