Ah summer, season of escapes to the cabin, glorious weeks booked off to spend in a little beach town, and camping out under the stars. For those of you bringing along your trusty canines (our pups like mountain hikes, beaches, and campsite cookouts better than just about anything), we’ve created a vacation tag template to provide temporary ID for your dog. Just personalize, print, clip, and add to your dog’s collar so should she somehow stroll down the garden path, people will be able to reach you.

Make it! Just a few super-quick steps to creating your dog’s temporary ID:

STEP 1 Click here to download template

STEP 2 Type your vacation contact info into the template, print it out on card stock, and cut it out with scissors.

STEP 3 Next cut out two pieces of clear, self-adhesive shelf liner and sandwich your new cardstock tag between them. (In a pinch, packing tape or even Scotch tape will do the trick.)

STEP 4 Punch a hole for a key ring and attach to your dog’s collar. Happy vacationing!