We were so enamoured of these sparkly, 60s-inspired dog-themed decorations that we asked blogger Erika Lindquist of sewdoggystyle.blogspot.com to tell us how to make them. You can use the silhouette of any breed, just grab the glue and an X-Acto knife and get started. Check out her blog for tons more inspired, dog-themed craft projects.


Getting started

Make a silhouette ornament of your favourite dog breed with this printed-image technique. Choose a ball of any size, along with any silhouette. You can even make a silhouette of your own pooch from a printed picture for this project.

Tools & Materials

  • Printer Paper
  • Black paint
  • X-Acto knife
  • Strong glue (like Fabri-Tac)
  • Ornaments
  • 3-D fabric paint, such as Tulip or Scribbles
  • Rhinestones


  1. Click here to chose your breed template and download the PDF.
  2. Print the template on computer paper.
  3. Choose desired size depending on size of ornament ball and carefully cut out image with a X-Acto knife.
  4. Glue entire back of silhouette and place on center of ornament. Smooth out paper wrinkles before glue dries.
  5. Cover entire silhouette surface with black paint. Any black paint, either glossy or matte will work. Let dry.
  6. Use a 3-D fabric paint in a tube to apply collar and leash in desired color for extra decoration.
  7. Add some bling by gluing a rhinestone to the collar as an ID tag.
  8. Give as a gift or hang and enjoy!