Deziner Dogs was created not only by me, but by every pet owner I run in to. Owning a pet service business for numerous years has introduced me to so many breeds. As I was walking a dog, another dog-owner came over to greet us, and asked, “What kind of dog is that?” I came to the realization that I have been asked this question on a daily basis for years! That’s when the light bulb went off and Deziner Dogs was created. Our breed specific apparel is geared towards small dogs from sizes XS to MED. Our current line includes hoodies, tanks, raincoats and leashes. We have a new custom made feature for our raincoats! This allows you to put ANY breed on our fun pink and blue raincoats.

Not only will Deziner Dogs differentiate your dog breed with our apparel & accessory line, it will also start many conversations between dog owners. Our mission is to make high quality, fashion forward, fun products for you and your pet! BUT most importantly we give back to many shelters and rescue group by donating a percentage of proceeds with every order placed. We help great non-profit organizations raise funds to place dogs in homes. Help us give back!

Check out to see all of our products including my children’s book “Bullied at the Dog Park”. This book takes your children on a journey with Herbie the Boston Terrier and his doggy friends and teaches them that bullying is not okay. A story of showing simple kindness to everyone!

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