Jonathon Adler’s delightful Dachshund bookends

Jonathan Adler’s delightful
Dachshund bookends are long on style, short on kitsch.

Unleashed Life’s Bellaire raised dishes

Unleashed Life’s Bellaire raised dishes are made of hand-cut capiz shell tiles, inspiring a feeling of natural luxury. With their understated glamour and sleek cylindrical shape, they’re perfect in even the most minimalist room.

Faux fur pod bed

Suitable for small dogs, VÛRV’s Eames-inspired bent wood-veneer and faux fur Pod bed let’s Roxy recline in mid-century style.

Gaia & Gino’s wild rock water bowl

Gaia & Gino’s contemporary
designs get stylishly rugged with the titanium-plated sleek silver wild rock water bowl.

Dog bone paperclips

Set yourself apart from the office pack. With each 50-count box of paper clips purchased, The Animal Rescue Site store will fund 14 bowls of food for animals living in sanctuaries and shelters.

Samuel Price’s abstract dog collages

Possess your very own modernist masterpiece. Artist Samuel Price
recycles old magazines into amazing abstract
collaged portraits.

Eco-friendly FLOR carpet tiles

Mix-and-match eco-friendly FLOR carpet tiles for a high style way to stay green and clean. FLOR tiles are easily removed to clean pet messes in a snap. Genius!

Wine stoppers

Add a bit of canine class to your next wine and cheese party with these fun wine stoppers from Fuzzy Nation. Lots of different breeds to choose from.

Chic placemats

From New York contemporary
textile designer Sandy Chilewich comes these sturdy, chic placemats for under
your dog’s food and water bowls. Cushioned, pliable,
and non-skid, they protect your floor
while looking great

Zenhaus dog den

The sleek ZenHaus dog den doubles as a chic coffee or bedside table.

Eco-friendly, non-slip pet steps

Yes, that’s right, stylish pet steps. These are made from eco-friendly wood veneer
with a non-slip surface,
allowing aging, injured or
small dogs access to the couch without ruining the look of your living room. (How your couch fares is another matter.)

The Gourdo

Play, chew, fetch, massage
gums, dispense treats—the Gourdo does it all, while looking good on your living room. Available in two sizes and three colours.

Hugx dog bowl

Ergonomics meets petastic
design in the Hugx dog bowl. Tilted at an angle, it’s easy on your dog, and easy on your eyes.

GECKO wall decals

Add a bit of customized
colour to your
décor with these cool GECKO Wal decals.

Proteak teak peice series

Expand your pack with Pack of
Dogs, a series of teak pieces
loosely based on the shape of a dog in different sizes and positions
and named after famous Mexican wrestlers. Perfect as
a bench, bookshelf or magazine
rack for your collection of Modern Dog back issues.

60s-style leather cube bed

Lend your living room some serious style with this 60’s-style
Cube bed in leather
or, if you prefer, faux

Hand-cut canine silhouette

Get your hands on a hand-cut canine silhouette from Classicuts for a mere $25. Custom
silhouettes are available as well, and, unlike Kara Walker’s work, don’t explore gender, race or violence, so you can just sit back and enjoy the pretty.

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