One of the sources of bad breath in dogs comes from bacteria on the tongue. Bacteria settle down in the uneven surface of the tongue and grow. Orapup works by allowing dogs to lick the comfortable micro-pointed bristles and combined with the scrapers gently remove odor causing bacteria.

The Orapup system is designed to fight bad breath and aid in the oral health care of your dog. Ultra-soft, pointed bristles reach deep into the uneven crevices of your dog's tongue and loosen stinky bacteria. 4 inline scrapers collect and remove the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping cure bad dog breath. Used along with our natural Lickies Supplements by Orapup to prevent plaque and tarter buildup, your dog will enjoy the experience as you promote and maintain healthy oral care. No more forcing and frustration as you provide the very best in care that your dog will love!

Orapup has taken the internet by storm with over 25 Million YouTube video views and more than 400 pet parent video reviews becoming the largest pet brand on YouTube!  Orapup is truly a product loved by both pet parents and their dogs.

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