Most Dean Koontz fans already know how much this author
extraordinaire loves dogs (so much, he often works a dog or two into the plot
of his books!). Upon reading Koontz’s tribute to his dog
Trixie, A Big Little Life: A Memoir Of A
Joyful Dog
, I understood how this love affair came about.

Trixie, one very affectionate and soulful Golden Retriever, was
the Koontz’s first-ever dog and her impact on their lives was profound, opening
their eyes and hearts in ways that only another dog lover can totally
understand. Interestingly, Trixie was previously owned by Canine Companions, an
organization that trains dogs to become highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge, however, at the young age
of three Trixie was retired and was to be re-homed as a regular family dog. Whilst
the organization was looking for the right family for her, the Koontz’s heard
of her availability and a match made in heaven soon came to be.

"Trixie was
joyful, affectionate, comical, intelligent, remarkably well behaved. She was
also more self-possessed and dignified than I had ever realized a dog could be"
says Dean. "Already and unexpectedly, she has changed me as a person and as a
writer. I am only beginning to understand the nature of those changes and where
they will lead me."

I, Trixie Who Is Dog
, his new children’s book is, no doubt,
a path that this beloved dog has led him. Further, I’ve just heard that the
book has now been digitized making it available on mobile platforms around the
world. Available for just $.99, the proceeds from the app’s sale go to Koontz’s
favoured charity, Canine Companions in support the amazing work they do. The app is available
first for the iPad at iTunes at it today and help a really great charity!