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Cricket power!

Cricket-based dog treats and toppers pave the way for a better planet

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With a planet increasingly under pressure, the hunt for alternative, lower-impact protein sources is on. Turns out, the lowly cricket is an environmentally friendly protein powerhouse—and tasty, to boot. 

If crickets seem a bit beyond the pale for your own dinner plate, your dog will gladly get in on the yummy, planet-saving action with The Thre3 Rule, a cricket-based dog treats and toppers company.


"Entomophagy is the technical term used for eating insects."


“The idea came to me while playing with my grandchildren last summer,” says founder Debbie Pelczynski. “They are learning about changes for a better planet. While playing in the garden, my grandson said, ‘what if we could eat bugs instead of cows and chickens?’ I had heard about other parts of the world eating insects, and after extensive research on the low impact on our planet and resources, The Thre3 Rule was created. Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging, fit for human consumption, and delicious!”

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Plus, they’re good for you. Crickets are not only an excellent protein source, they deliver essential fatty acids, prebiotics, and essential amino acids, three things the body needs but can’t create itself. The environmental benefits are nothing to scoff at, either. Cricket farming requires far less resources than more conventional livestock farming. Insects such as crickets emit fewer greenhouse gases and less ammonia than cattle or pigs, and they require significantly less land and water than cattle rearing. 

Give it a try, urges Pelczynski—incorporating cricket-based foods into your diet is one way for individuals to take action and make a positive difference.


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The Thre3 Rule’s sustainable, functional dog treats are powered by cricket powder and come in four dog-approved flavours for a treat you can feel good about! They also offer cricket-based functional supplement toppers that are available in four formulas to improve wellness while tempting picky eaters and boosting protein levels. (from $9,



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