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Could Your Dog Benefit from CBD?

Proponents testify it’s a remarkably effective, natural way to deal with all manner of ailments

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From dinner parties to the dog park and progressive vet offices, there’s a reason you keep hearing about CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly called, is a hemp derivative that is non-psychoactive, meaning that, unlike THC, it won’t get you or your dog high. CBD is now legal in both Canada (Health Canada recently approved a clinical trial to research the use of cannabidiol to treat animal anxiety) and the US, where it is federally legal, though some states put restrictions on buyers.

CBD proponents are many. Owners as well as vets, such as Dr. Katherine Kramer, medical director for VCA-Canada Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital, a small-animal integrative hospital in Vancouver, B.C., report that dogs suffering from pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and seizures, among other ailments, have shown remarkable improvement without suffering the side effects of conventionally prescribed medicines. 

“There is increasing evidence that CBD can be helpful for pets with arthritis or chronic pain, cancer, seizures, and some behavioural issues, such as anxiety, cognitive impairment,” says Dr. Kramer, who is also a director of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine.

Testimonials from dog people who have found that their dogs have a new lease on life following the administering of CBD abound. To administer to your dog, you’ll want to choose a quality, third-party lab tested product formulated especially for pets. Options such as tinctures, oils, dog treats, and orally administered sprays, available through pet stores, dispensaries, and online shops are available.

Interested in giving it a try? Here are 5 CBD products formulated for dogs:

Let them eat health-improving treats! The CBD-infused pet treats from Suzie’s CBD are made with full spectrum, human-grade, and organic CBD—the hemp is grown on their own USDA organic farm—providing the benefits of CBD in treat form! ($20,


Jasper Sorën’s high concentrate pet CBD allows for flexibility with daily dose amounts to achieve desired results. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, the double independent-lab-tested formula blends organic hemp oil with broad spectrum CBD isolate from Colorado growers. ($149,


These delicious CBD bites combine the power of organic hemp-derived full spectrum CBD with a powerful blend of organic medicinal mushrooms (Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria, and Turkey Tail) to support the immune system, joint health, and more. ($45,


For dogs with hip or joint pain, try Grizzly Pet Product’s Hemp Enhanced Joint Aid Liquid. With a blend of five active joint support ingredients, wild fish oil, and organically grown hemp oil, it’s specially formulated to reduce stiffness, pain, and inflammation. ($30,  


Iceland Pure’s Next Level Premier CBD Fish Oil combines CBD oil with fish oils for a unique formula offering a high absorption rate to relieve anxiety, lubricate joints, bolster immunity, and help battle cancer. (From $82,

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