Okay, so maybe that’s not really news to anyone. But here’s what is: you can actually sign your pupper up for a monthly dog cookie subscription, so that your best bud will never be without treats!

For less than $1.00 a day, your pup will receive a monthly, seasonally-themed box of delicious, home-baked gourmet cookies from Wüfers Cookie Club, delivered to your door so you and your dog can celebrate every event, occasion and cute moment with the appropriate cookie. From adorable St. Patrick’s Day treats delivered in March to romantic Valentine cookies in February, there is an artisanal, hand-decorated treat for any occasion. And Wüfers Cookie Club provides a variety of subscription options, including a four-month “Subscription Junior” package and single box choices, making for awesome gifts.

What’s certain: you’ll sure feel like a smart cookie treating your best friend to such an awesome treat! You can sign up at wufers.com.