By Heidi Hill, Co-Founder of Holistic Hound & Certified Homeopath


I would have never described myself as an entrepreneur, especially when I was working in finance for the first 20 years of my career. Taking your passions and turning them into a career is easier said than done, and frankly, a terrifying uphill battle. In 2003, I combined my two lifelong passions: animals and holistic healthcare, and set out with the mission to improve the health and wellness of our animal companions through a holistic approach that focuses on nutrition, complementary therapies, and education. From there, Holistic Hound was born.

As a Certified Homeopath, I brought my existing health knowledge and married it to my passion and love for animals and the healing power of full spectrum hemp and medicinal mushrooms. I worked closely with an integrative veterinarian to create Holistic Hound’s line of top-quality full spectrum hemp supplements with CBD and medicinal mushrooms, in a variety of potencies, sizes, and product types to fit your pet’s need.


With the exponential growth we’ve seen in the CBD category in the pet industry over the last few years, comes loads of information for consumers and retailers to take in. From dosage recommendations, ingredients, hemp, full spectrum and branding, consumers are independently trying to sort through the noise that brands are feeding them, and often receiving the incorrect information. So, to cut through the noise and the excess of information out there, here are my top three tips for choosing a CBD product line suitable for your dog.


  1. Full Spectrum Hemp Versus CBD: Knowing the difference between full spectrum hemp and CBD classified products will help you choose the right product, with the most benefits for your pet. Phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) or “full spectrum” hemp products contain CBD, other minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals that work synergistically together for what is known as “the entourage effect.” They are in a unique category of their own given how they work with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and their wide range of health benefits. The ECS is a system of receptors located throughout the bodies of all animals that regulate bodily functions such mood, sleep, and digestion. These receptors interact with the phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant to modulate and restore optimal balance throughout the body and brain, known as “homeostasis.”
    • Some of the many reported benefits of full spectrum hemp include:
      • Immune Support
      • Reduced inflammation and pain
      • Calming
      • Antioxidant
      • Maintain a healthy intestinal tract
      • Enhanced physical and mental well-being


  1. Know the Beneficial Additives: Not all CBD products are created equal. A growing trend across the category is adding supplemental ingredients to help benefit other health areas when it comes to your dog’s health. Ingredients like medicinal mushrooms, Ashwagandha, and other herbs are key differentiators setting brands apart from each other. Plus, our pets have a range of wellness needs as they age, which means their needs may differ and could benefit from a variety of support from additional ingredients.


  1. Look for Transparency: Know and trust your brand! By doing your research and learning the ins and outs of the brand you choose while looking for the differentiators above, you can feel confident in your choice. If a brand conducts in-person or online product education and trainings, take advantage of those and learn more about the product line, history and what makes that brand different. Hemp should also be organically grown, THC-free, and manufacturers should provide third party testing for potency and purity. These are great places to start your research, and to better understand the category as a whole.  


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