For the Love of Dog 
By Pilley Bianchi; Illustrated by Calum Heath

Dive into dogdom in this delightful, illustrated guide to all things ‘dog.’ Pilley Bianchi covers everything from how breeds developed to dog philosophy and behaviour, while sharing observations and lessons learned from her famous family dog, Chaser, subject of her father John W. Pilley’s New York Times best-selling book Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words. Filled with insight and practical advice, this wonderful celebration and exploration of the canine-human bond will help you better understand your dog and forge a deeper relationship.


A Furry Little Christmas 
By Laurien Berenson

The holiday season is hectic enough without murders going on! In this two-book cozy-mystery bundle, Melanie Travis, her pack of Standard Poodles, and her nosy Aunt Peg must solve two intriguing cases to restore holiday cheer before it is too late.


The Year of the Puppy 
By Alexandra Horowitz

Ever wondered what it is like to be a puppy? Author and canine behaviour researcher Alexandra Horowitz, head of Barnard College’s Dog Cognition Lab, spent a year observing her pandemic puppy’s daily life and exploring the science of early dog development. By analyzing things through a puppy’s point of view, Horowitz shines a new light on dog behaviour that goes beyond training. This illuminating science-focused look at puppydom reveals fun and fascinating observations about canine cognition and behaviour.


I Am Bunny  
By Alexis Devine

Alexis Devine and her Sheepadoodle Bunny found social media fame and built an unparalleled bond through Bunny’s ability to use “talking” buttons—Bunny can communicate using over one hundred buttons, stringing together words to form phrases such as “Love you Mom” and “Dad went poop.” Devine’s memoir, filled with essays and full-colour photographs, shares not only how Bunny learned to “talk,” but also the profound impact their relationship has had on her life.


Barking Up the Right Tree 
By Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar took dog training from the dark ages, transforming the approach of many that followed from punitive to positive. His new book, Barking Up the Right Tree, draws on five decades of experience to offer specific, effective, and proven dog-centered techniques for a calm, well-behaved, happy pup that is a joy to be around. A must-read for dog owners wanting to improve their relationship with their dog.


Please Write  
By  J. Wynn Rousuck

Told entirely in the exchange of letters, Please Write chronicles the correspondence between Winslow the Boston Terrier, Zippy the terrier mix, and Vivienne, the alter ego of a recently widowed Cleveland artist. This quirky, whimsical, and heartwarming novel delivers an engrossing and charming story of coping with heartbreak and loss through love and the power of imagination.


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