Mochi’s Pugpyhood
By Gemma Gené

This hilarious collection of all-new comic strips from Gemma Gené tell the story of how one little Pug found his forever family and grew into the sassy middle-aged diva-Pug the world’s come to love. Mochi’s journey through “pugpyhood” will have dog parents everywhere laughing at his all-too relatable (and very cute) antics.


A Dog’s Perfect Christmas
By Bruce Cameron

As the strained Goss family prepares for the holiday season, an emergency and the arrival of a stray puppy threaten to tear the family apart. Could this pup be just what everyone needs to come together? This charming, heartwarming holiday-read shows how dogs truly open our hearts.


A Dog’s Devotion
By Suzanne Elshult and James Guy Mansfield

This inside look at what it takes to be a real life K9 Search and Rescue (SAR) team is riveting. Follow Suzanne Elshult, her four-year-old Labrador Retriever, Keb, and her teammate Guy as they brave challenging weather, deep Pacific Northwest forests, treacherous mountain slopes, menacing coyotes, and back-stabbing teammates to find dead bodies, missing hikers, and even the bones of long-ago murder victims.



Good Grief: On Loving Pets Here and Hereafter
By E.B. Bartels

A poignant exploration of the incredible bonds humans have with companion animals and how we grieve their loss. Sharing stories from veterinarians, archaeologists, ministers, and more, Bartels examines grief rituals around the globe and shows there is no right or wrong way to say goodbye to a beloved companion.

Killer Cupid
By Laurien Berenson

In this riveting cozy mystery, Melanie Travis and her husband are ready for a Valentine’s getaway at the White Birch Inn when a murder derails their romantic weekend. Worse yet, Melanie finds herself a suspect! The local sheriff gets involved, but Melanie does some secret investigating of her own. Can she clear her name, solve the case, and protect the other guests from the kiss of death? You’ll have fun finding out.


The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and His People
By Rick Bragg

Speck is not a good boy. But from the moment he arrives on Pulitzer Prize-winning author Rick Bragg’s property, the malodourous, half-blind, badly behaved stray dog sets about winning Bragg’s heart—and in the process, transforming Bragg’s outlook following his own cancer diagnosis. This warm hearted, hilarious New York Times bestselling memoir is simply wonderful.

Help for Your Dog-Reactive Dog
By Nicole Wilde

Struggling with working through your dog's reactivity and aggression? In Help for Your Dog-Reactive Dog author and Canine Behaviour Specialist Nicole Wilde provides thoughtful and thorough tips, tricks, and techniques for gently and effectively curbing your dog's reactivity. Covering a wide variety of training topics and packed with actionable advice, this book will help you get your dog on the right track.


Sgt. George: The Reluctant Detective
By Lee Huggett

After being retired from military service, Sgt. George the German Shepherd is sent home from Afghanstan to live a new life in an English village. However, he has developed PTSD, agoraphobia and a fear of men and his new human has their work cut out for them. George finds himself on a new mission to solve a murder and saving another dog. Will he solve the case and overcome his fears? A harrowing novel that highlights the endless bravery of dogs.


Madison: THe Tale of a Corgi with no Tail
By Susan Erickson Catucci and Susan Permury

In this adorable children’s story, a young Corgi discovers she is different and goes in search of answers. Madison: The Tale of a Corgi with no Tail by Susan Erickson Catucci and Susan Permury will be a sure-fire hit with the littles in your life.

Wimsey the Manhattan Bloodhood: A Comedy of Many Errors
By Elizabeth Silverman and Maria Szabo

One big dog, one big city! Follow the colourful and ridiculous NYC adventures of Wimsey as he bays his way through Westminster, hobnobs with celebrities, auditions for a TV show, and turns modeling assignments into chaos. A hilarious and fun recount of a Hound with a wonderful personality and typical scent hound antics.

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