We’ve all been hearing that our oceans are in trouble with fish stocks declining as a result of pollution, logging, over-fishing and climate change. I therefore find it unbelievable that my government would consider applications that would enable two more fish farms to operate in an environmentally sensitive area (opposite each other in narrow Sunderland Channel where it meets Johnstone Strait).

In spring, millions of juvenile salmon will have to run through or alongside these fish farms en route to open water. For those who are unaware, the danger to these juvenile fish is that they are prey to sea lice and viruses that run rampant when large concentrations of farmed fish are contained within nets in "our" waters. If pathogens don’t kill them the sea lice probably will (sea lice attach themselves to the Salmon Fry, weakening then killing them). See photo below:



"Fish farms should be taken out of our oceans and reinvented on land where the pollution and negative environmental effects can be controlled. "

Please do your part and help us save our sea life by voting against these fish farm applications:

The voting box is on the upper right hand side of the page at http://www2.canada.com/courierislander/index.html

Please also help wildlife advocate Alexandra Morton by signing her letter at http://www.adopt-a-fry.org/ asking that the Fisheries Act be applied to fish farms as it is to all other marine activities.  If there are enough people raising their voices reason will be brought to bear on this situation.  

Full details are provided in Alexandra Morton’s email below: