The Cone of Deliciousness

These dogs love ice cream
The Cone of Deliciousness
These dogs love ice cream


All dairy products—milk included—can cause intestinal distress in some dogs. Think diarrhea and vomiting. The culprit? Lactose. A lick or two of ice cream shouldn't hurt your dog, but tread carefully until you know how well your dog handles dairy, lest you have a dog with an upset tummy on your hands.

 Hannah, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, is REALLY into eating this cone.


"Ice cream cone, you will be mine"

Toby, an Australian Cattle Dog, wears a Gamewear leather baseball collar, available in a whole variety of teams! (


"I say, that is tasty"

Daisy, an American Bulldog, wears a Sebastian and Co. "Caesar Overlock" bridle leather and brass collar (


"I use my powers of cuteness to secure that which I desire"

Rose, a Miniature Dachshund and the adorable rescue dog of Modern Dog's Editor & Creative Director, wears a sunshine coloured silk ascot from Pup Deville (


"Look into my eyes. I shall hypnotize you into giving me ice cream "

Morris Rover, a rescued Irish Terrier/Airedale Terrier cross (that would be his people's best guess as to his breed mix), wears an Auburn Leathercrafters reflective, adjustable web collar. We love the outdoorsy-ness of the red plaid and the 3M Scotchlite reflective strip woven into it gives you great visibility even in low light (


"Don't mind if I do!" 

Genji, a Pug and Modern Dog staffer (Genji heads up the Sales and Advertising team along with her "boss" Julia Klymenko) wears a black and white polka-dotted silk ascot from Pup Deville ( These are some fancy, ice-cream-loving dogs we've got here!


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