In 2005,  Complete Natural Nutrition set out  to provide frustrated pet  parents with treat solutions for their  beloved pets; pets  with specific health  issues like diabetes, obesity, finicky, allergies  or on restricted diets. We set out to provide discriminating pet parents, who read labels and who want North American made and sourced ingredients, with the world’s healthiest treats.

In  2011,   Buddy’s  Kitchen was   founded  as  a  ‘next-generation’  manufacturing company dedicated  to lifting the  ‘veil  of  secrecy’ from pet  food manufacturing. Located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, Buddy’s Kitchen was built from the ground floor to establish a transparent and honest ‘kitchen’ where all facets of production are controlled by our own team of experts. Buddy’s Kitchen represents a first in pet food manufacturing where pet parents are always welcome to visit our open concept kitchen, watch production and ask questions as fresh food and treats are produced.

Buddy’s Kitchen specializes in the manufacturing of fresh food, and is currently leading the way with exciting development within the world of Veterinary Diets. FreshRx, a fresh, gently cooked diet, is sold exclusively by leading veterinarians across Ontario, Canada. As a rapidly growing concept, feeding fresh food provides the best in safety and health for both your family and for your pet. To learn more about the countless benefits of feeding fresh, visit .

Combined, Buddy’s Kitchen and Complete Natural Nutrition, create an innovative and cutting-edge one-stop shop for science based supplements, healthy treats and all-natural  fresh   food.  Our   leadership team  combines over  75  years  of  food and  animal  nutrition experience,  led  by Chief Dog  Wagger Peter Kaufman, Chef Maurizio Barbieri and   board  certified animal nutritionist, Dr. Gary Pusillo.

Our passion is our promise. We guarantee to always  be  on  the  side  of pet parents and  deliver leading health solutions that are the  best in the  world, with values  based  on honesty, integrity and trust.

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