Commonly Confused Breeds: The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois

The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois
Commonly Confused Breeds: The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois
Can you tell the difference?


Is that a small German Shepherd? Even GSD lovers may need to take a second glance to tell the Belgian Malinois from the German Shepherd. The two breeds look incredibly similar in style, size, and colouring and both are frequently used for police and military work. The Secret Service formerly used the Malinois exclusively though their current program now includes other breeds.

Though they resemble each other, the two breeds have very different backgrounds. The Belgian Malinois was first developed as a herding dog (and retains this instinct today. Like other herding breeds, he may occasionally herd you, your children, and guests) and has adapted to service work. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, was developed as a utility dog from the start by a German military captain.

               The Belgian Malinois                                     The German Shepherd Dog


Visually you can tell them apart by their build. The Belgian Malinois has a more slender frame, whereas the German Shepherd is more robust and is longer than he is tall.

What are these dogs like to live with? Both breeds are incredibly loyal, hardworking, and intelligent. If you’re looking for a smart, devoted dog with an incredible work ethic, look no further. These confident dogs need strong, positive leadership; in return you are rewarded with an incredible, unbreakable bond. Mals and GSDs alike adore their owners and need your company and attention but tend not to be indiscriminately friendly with strangers. Both love having a job to do so exercise and activities are key.

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