Small Illinois-based Coconut Oil Company Undergoes Oil Shortages Due to Typhoon Haiyan

Batavia, IL. – Over the next few weeks, CocoTherapy® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil customers may find it difficult to find their favorite brand of therapeutic coconut oil for their pets due to fulfillment issues brought about by the recent Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines this past November. Oscar Newman LLC, a small pet company based in Batavia, IL, manufactures a coconut oil-based supplement and treats line called CocoTherapy, and have a facility in the Philippines as well.

According to the Philippine Coconut Authority, Typhoon Haiyan damaged an estimated 33 million coconut trees in the Philippines. This may affect the export quantities of coconut oil to the U.S. over the next several months, including CocoTherapy coconut oil. CocoTherapy production facilities and farms were not spared the ravages of the super typhoon, as the typhoon not only damaged coconut trees; it also blew the roof off their production facilities.

Pet owners who rely on CocoTherapy for therapeutic purposes may be scrambling to get their hands on some of the precious oil. CEO Charisa Antigua who is currently in the Philippines, said that the damages in the facility have been repaired and production has resumed. "We are doing our best to maintain inventory, however I do fear that we are currently behind in our shipment to the U.S., and our customers may have trouble finding stock in their favorite pet stores in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, due to the typhoon’s destruction, we missed our shipment of coconut oils in December, which is why our coconut oils are now on back order status. Thankfully, this shortage is temporary, and we currently have a shipment on the way to the U.S. now. We estimate to have product in our warehouse by early March.” “In addition, there were a combination of factors that contributed to the current shortage, one of them being a tremendous growth in demand in the fourth quarter, said Carmina O’Connor, President and head of sales. “This shortage is a short-term issue, as we have increased our production facilities and have coconut oil scheduled to ship every two months moving forward.”

This is certainly good news for CocoTherapy fur-fans everywhere.

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